Hi there! We are Four The Record and we are vinyl records enthusiasts. The smell, the touch, the look, the sound... We have a 25 year experience in digging and we cannot imagine a world without the sound of a needle scratching a piece of plastic on a turntable.

How it all began

Four the Record

The initial conception of the idea took place a year before the opening of the bar, in Thessaloniki as part of the Street Mode Festival. There was and always will be a need for space open and flexible in the different. In the “different” not as a slant or as an obsession, in “different” as another sentence. We are people who wake up with songs, we sleep with songs and we live for years in places starring songs. And we would really want to open our own space trying to do everything we were dreaming about, our job. A place that will pay close attention to its music, will suggest music and another space that will ideally sell music to the world.

The Bar

The bar of MONO has been operating since October 2018 at the highest point of Patras, at number 96, in a beautiful neighborhood with historic hangouts and many new ones. MONO has specific opening hours (Monday-Thursday 20: 00-03: 00 and Friday-Saturday 21: 00- 04:00) and hosts DJs playing with vinyl records. It has a huge DJ booth equipped and ready for the DJ who all he has to do is bring the records and play nice music. It is a bar with an updated liquor inventory whose aesthetics is identified with that of an old bar. It is restless, intense and upright.

The Record Store

The record store opened just under the bar in January 2020 and its main ambition is to introduce the city audience to the magic of vinyl records while satisfying as much as possible, the desire of people who are already buy records for good titles, in good condition and prices. It is a place with pop aesthetics and intense retro references to which you can bring your coffee and company and listen to music, to suggest music, buy and sell music.

"It's all about music, It's all about vinyl..."